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Lodge Programs

Be a bigger part of the lodge by participating in one or more of the many Programs.



An Elangomat fulfills many functions in the Induction process, but his chief responsibility is revealed by his title Elangomat, which means “FRIEND”. A good Elangomat develops a personal relationship with each of the members of his clan. But this relationship is not one of words, it is deeper, for he shares in the hardships of the candidates, and in their silence. The job of an Elangomat is not easy. He must function as a crew chief, friend, example to his candidates, counselor, mediator, and policemen. The Elangomat must be a constant and continual example of the Obligation. This may not always be possible, but it is the goal. Being an Elangomat is a great sacrifice, but as with all true services, you gain as much or more than you give. This you will know if you take the Challenge yourself.

Drum and Dance Team
Aracoma Sunrise Singers
The Order of the Arrow uses Indian Lore to teach its values of Brotherhood,Cheerfulness and Service, thus explaining why we incorporate the Powwow Drumand Regalia in our performances. Drummers must learn powwow songs, their history and meanings and the honor beats. Drummers will learn to build quality drumsticks. Dancers have several dance styles they can choose from: Fancy, Traditional, Grass and Straight, to name a few. Once a style is selected, each dancer must learn not only the technique but the history associated with that dance.
Whether a drummer, a dancer or both, each scout is dedicated to performing his best, knowing he represents the rich history and basic values of the Aracoma Lodge and the thousands of scouts who look up to him.
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