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Duties and Responsibilities of an Elangomat



  • To honestly try in all ways to bring candidates to a complete understanding of the purpose and the spirit of the Order of the Arrow.

  • To always take the initiative in performing service and accomplishing tasks.

  • To be a continual example of the Spirit of the Order in both action and attitude.

  • To be foremost in ensuring that the candidates are following in full the challenges of the Order and to take appropriate action when these challenges are not being met.

  • To encourage candidates in their understanding of the real purpose of the Ordeal which they are experiencing.


  • To strive to bring to the candidates the ideals and instill with them the virtues of Brotherhood and cheerful service.


  • To make the candidates feel that they are now part of the Order and to work with them following the Ordeal till they achieve Brotherhood.


To Appy to be an Elangomat download the form below and send it to the elangomat chairman.




If you have question about becoming an elangomat or would like to volunteer to be an Elangomat please fill out the form below. 

Thank you For your interest in the Elangomat Program .Our Elangomat Chair will Contact you with further information

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